"My treatments with Dr. Karoly relieve severe back spasms - I was almost unable to get out of bed in the morning, but no I have full range of motion! I've continued to improve every time. I visit [so that I] am able to lead a normal life."

- Fredrick Pushlar

"I continue to feel progress. I am able to stand and walk for longer because my lower back pain is gradually lessening. The team at Atlas makes it fun with all of their smiles and positive attitudes. They make you feel like part of a family."

- Stacey Davis

"Until I started in November, I had limited flexibility in my neck. My lower back pain has improved, and I haven't needed to get any nerve blocks."

- Carol Sacco

"I feel the pain and stiffness has been reduced. I sleep better and [I'm] not stiff in the morning. The staff is great and caring, I would recommend Atlas to anyone I know".

- Lori Capels

"When I first came here I had hair. Now look at me. But at least my back feels better (hahahahahaha)."

- Paul Leitchi 

"I love Atlas Chiropractic! The staff is friendly and accommodating and answers all my questions. The environment is relaxed and inviting. I know I am receiving expert chiropractic care. My neck and back pain is decreasing!"

- Nadja Allman

"These people are AWESOME! They do their absolute best to help you get healthy, while maintaining warmth I've never received elsewhere. I look forward to seeing these fantastic professional individuals at every appointment!"

- Nate Young

"I have notices since coming here that everyone makes me feel relaxed and at ease which I think gives me great treatments!"

- Amy Polly

"I have come to love my experience at Atlas. At first I only came because my wife wanted me to, as I felt my pains were just part of growing older. But getting routing adjustments and c complete analysis of my muscoskeletal systems has greatly diminished and eliminated several of those "growing old" pains. My energy level has increased and I look forward to my time here. Add to that the wonderful attitudes of the staff and Doctor and the serious scientific approach to care with wonderful service. It is a marvelously therapeutic and blessed experience."

- Anonymous

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